• Programme and Duration

Integrated programme titled “Bachelor of Arts (B.A)”. This degree programme will be of three years duration organized in the semester pattern with 2 semesters per year. Each semester will consist of 16 weeks of instruction excluding examination.

The course content is related to History / Economics / Sociology of the University of Mysore.

Click here for Syllabus of 2014-15 batch

  • Scheme of Instruction
The common courses comprise of courses that are mandatory for all students.

 Regional Language: Any one of the following languages – Kannada / Sanskrit


 Environmental Studies, Information and Communication Technology in Education (ICT), Indian Constitution and Human Rights. 

  • Attendance

Every student has to attend a minimum of 75% of the classes conducted in each course. If a student has failed to put in a minimum of 75% attendance in a course, he is deemed to have dropped the course and is not allowed to write the semester end examination of that course. He has to attend the classes of that course in the subsequent years whenever it is offered after registering for the same course.

  • Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction and examination shall be English.

  • Change of Stream

Once chosen, change of stream is not permissible under any circumstances during that or subsequent semesters.

  • Scheme of Examination

There shall be a University Examination at the end of each semester.