Salient Features


Maintenance of very high academic standards in the Centre is enabled by highly motivated and dedicated teachers who live on the campus, either in the hostel with students or in the quarters provided, and by the single minded pursuit of students who live in the hostel, on campus. Apart from teachers on the campus, the faculty will also constitute highly competent visiting individuals, from all over the country and abroad, supplementing academics in special areas. Research programmes in the Centre are designed keeping in view their relevance to the social needs.


Bhagawan Baba says, “When a student is not trained to lead a good and a godly life, teaching him various skills and tricks only makes him a danger to himself and also others.” Therefore, character moulding is the most important aspect of education in the Centre. In contemporary times, character moulding of students is taken up seriously in a few institutions at the school level. But, at the university level, no serious attempt is made because of the adverse conditions prevailing in the society at present. Many times, even parents do not dare to tell their own children as to what is right and what is wrong, once they cross 17 or 18 years of age. Bhagawan Baba has taken up this task of character moulding at the university level. His infinite love for His students is the basis of this successful experiment. Apart from His sublime and inspiring guidance to the students, He exhorts and inspires the teachers to set shining examples of noble character.


Sri Sathya Sai Centre for Higher Education is the modern day Gurukula. It is completely residential, with all the students living in the hostel, on campus. The warden and many teachers live with them in the hostel and set inspiring examples for them, to emulate by their single minded pursuit of spiritual illumination and selfless service. Community living is the best way to inculcate mutual understanding, tolerance, courtesy, sacrifice and service to fellowmen. The blessings of community living under the watchful eyes of committed teachers are innumerable. The daily routine on the campus is designed with the Divine guidance of Bhagawan Baba and has multifarious activities to achieve all round development of the personality of students.


A healthy body with good stamina forms the basis of all pursuits in life. Physical education is given great importance in the Centre. It is one of the integral items in which a student is assessed periodically and the grade secured is reflected in the grade card along with academic grades at the end of every semester. Physical education includes health, jogging, exercise, sports & games and yoga.

Training and coaching facilities are provided to the students every morning (compulsory) and evening (optional). The campus has a vast and well-equipped playground. The benefits of systematic physical education are reflected in the strong and proportionate physique of the students with their faces radiating health and energy.


These activities inculcate in the student, a sense of social responsibility, self-dependence and dignity of labour apart from providing opportunities to develop skills in various areas of their interest. The service activities on the campus are termed self-reliance programmes. Each student puts in a minimum of 8 hours of service every month, to the community in which he lives. These programmes include gardening, carpentry, plumbing, maintenance of electrical installations and gadgets, operation of audio-visual equipment, running of kitchen, bakery, catering, looking after the dining hall, prayer hall, auditorium, playgrounds, service in the stationery stores and book centres, dispensary and health care, and library. Students are also trained to organise various programmes on their own. They are involved occasionally in social service programmes in surrounding villages and towns. Students’ participation in these programmes is also an integral item in which periodical assessment is made and the grades secured are shown in the grade card.


These activities add variety and colour to the campus life, apart from providing opportunities to students for the cultivation of their talents in music, dance, drama, elocution, writing, photography, painting, clay modelling, arts & craft etc. The music concerts, dramas and cultural programmes by students on the occasion of various celebrations and festivals in the divine presence of our Bhagawan Baba, are of very high order and enthrall thousands of people. The campus life provides ample opportunities to the blossoming orators and speakers among the students. There are display boards where the students can put up their creations like poems, essays, paintings, cartoons, sketches, photographs etc. The various extra-curricular activities also include screening of selected feature films that inspire and ennoble young minds. Films on science, geography, current affairs, sports, wild life and adventure themes are also shown periodically.


Bhagawan Baba Himself initiated students into spiritual education. He inspired the young minds to probe into the mystery of life and death, and reminds them of their spiritual origin and spiritual destiny. He taught them how only a life based on spiritual aspiration can be successful and joyful. The life on the campus is woven round the silken bond of love between Baba and His students. This bond is strengthened by prayer.

The day begins and ends with a prayer. The morning sessions in the Centre begins with the universal prayer, based on the unity of religions. Community singing of Bhajan in the hostel is held every evening. Before retiring for the night, students sit around the altar in their respective dormitories and chant prayers dedicating all their day’s activity to the Divine. Students have the opportunity to listen to their fellow students, teachers and many important guests on the campus. These guests include men and women who have attained great success in their respective fields - ministers, administrators, industrialists, judges, ambassadors, entrepreneurs, artists and sports person, amongst others. When these successful men and women tell the students how important it is to pursue the path of devotion to God and the path of goodness and godliness, it is readily accepted by the young minds. Also, there are weekly study circle sessions where spiritual questions are raised and answered.